We love our kids.
We love the benefits of being active outdoors.
And we love travelling & connecting with people.

We immerse ourselves in local culture, embrace our surroundings and NEVER (well, almost never) pass up an opportunity to try something new.

We have built a strong relationship with Bali. Over the years, we have had many laughs, a lot of nasi goreng (mmmm nasi goreng) and a few bintangs along the way.

After 15 years of friendship, we have partnered here with our very good friends Dana & Kadek.

We have watched on as each of us have grown & welcomed our children to the world.

And we would all like to welcome you to FUN WHEELS BALI.

Whether you are travelling or not, kids NEED entertainment, whether they create it themselves or you provide it for them. We are only happy on holidays when our kids are happy (and tired at night!)

Adventure Play activities are our specialty and we are the only ones who can offer you this unique experience in BALI.

Our BERG Pedal Go-Carts and Trampolines are of the highest European quality and have won awards all over the world for innovation. We are offering the absolute highest standard of safety features and functionality, all while having the time of your life.

Here at Fun Wheels Bali, we care A LOT about kids. We believe their core values can be moulded in natural environments and we can provide many opportunities for them to have FUN and be creative…

By supporting Fun Wheels Bali, you are helping to support the Kauh Village, Sanur, BALI.

Pop in and say hello!